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A book blurb goes on the back cover of your book. It's the quickest way for you to let a new potential reader know what your book is about, and what kind of experience they're likely to have.

Book blurbs are all about emotion and storytelling, and are far more successful at getting people to pick up your book than traditional book descriptions. 

And that's simply because readers want connection with your story before they ever read it. Connection makes a reader see the value in your story, which then creates a fear of missing out if they don't buy and read your book.

If you're wondering whether your book blurb is as enticing as it should be, then you're in the right place. 

Because there are many ways to make sure you're dressing your book blurb to impress. Whether you have a blurb written and simply need it edited, or whether you're looking to offload the task of writing it onto someone else, Blurb Medic is here to help.

Hi, I'm Liz!

As a former Paramedic, I learned how to get through to someone when their focus was at their worst.

Surprisingly, this skill is also invaluable in writing book blurbs that get attention, appeal to readers, and sell more books.

When we team up, I'll show you whether or not your audience will make a genuine connection with your book, and how to turn your blurb into a selling powerhouse.

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Don't waste any more time wondering whether you're doing it right. 


Clients keep coming back for a reason - their new blurbs work!  


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What clients say

Carla rieger 

Self-published author

One of the hardest things I've ever found is to write a book blurb of my own book. It was such a relief to work with a pro, and see how well this professionally done description is working to magnetize people to read my book. Highly recommended.

david mark quigley

Self-published author

Liz has a rare and quantifiable talent. I have worked with her on multiple projects. Liz’s re-worked descriptions won a 70% vote of approval. Her work is exceptional and will easily gain you increased exposure. I have no hesitation in recommending Liz’s services.

Yi Xiang


Thanks so much for the audit! I just watched the first 15 mins and they were fantastic! You gave me specific details that I couldn't have obtained otherwise from online research. It was very informative. Will recommend you to my local Singaporean novelist group!

Sinead OConnor


Wow. I could listen to you for hours, speaking about writing, editing, marketing.
Thanks for the great feedback. I've learned so much.

Gary Ward


Thank you so much for the feedback. It was extremely helpful. I feel confident enough to begin writing my own blurbs now. I have re-written this one using your feedback and plan to re-write all my other ones too.


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BLURBMEDIC has other services that may interest you. These include Done-for-You blurbs, as well as the Blurb Clinic, our workshop for driven authors who want to build a writing empire and save $40K by learning to write their own blurbs. 

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